Tuesday, December 8, 2009

7 Signs Kurt is Growing Up

How does a person with a cognitive disability mature? The same way everyone else does. Only slower, at their own pace. That is something I am learning as we go. Here are some signs:

7. One of Kurt's chores is to unload the dishwasher. When we got home one afternoon, Kurt got right to the task without being asked. (His brothers don't do that.)
6. Instead of hiding his head with the brim of his hat, he holds his head up high and says "Good Morning" when he arrives at his destination.
5. He introduces us to his friends.
4. Normally, I spend an hour coaxing Kurt out of bed in the morning. "Get up. Take your medicine. Get dressed." Reminding him over and over. For the past two days, he has done this routine without being told.
3. He takes pride in his responsibilities. When I pick him up from Community Homestead, he won't leave until he has finished his project.
2. He can walk between the different houses and the Community Center at Community Homestead, without assistance, and he gets where he is supposed to be.

And the number 1 sign:
1. He asked for a suitcase for Christmas - and No Toys!

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