Monday, February 15, 2010

What Have I Been Up To?

Focus Donna! Actually, I am, but my attention is not on writing. We have been doing some updates on the house and that's taking more of my time.

Kurt has been helping. Over the weekend, when Paul painted several rooms, Kurt moved the ladder for his dad, fetched rags or ran other little errands. When Paul took the quarter rounds off in preparation for the new flooring, Kurt hammered out all the nails.

This past year, Kurt has taken an active role in projects with his dad. In contrast to his brothers, it may seem like a small task. Keith starts his post-college job today. Kelly, a senior in high school, is not home much. He spends all available time skiing. If I take into account what Kurt has overcome, then he has climbed mountains.

In the 1990s, Kurt often woke having one or two seizures. Throughout his day, he had hundreds of twitches and nods as myoclonic seizures hit every few seconds. He wore a helmet because drop seizures would through him to the ground. In 1999, he had to relearn to walk and talk again after a bout with seizures that caused paralysis and brain damage.

I think having Kurt help around the house, with no seizures, is remarkable.

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