Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walking the Tightrope

We are constantly trying to balance getting Kurt's needs met while still allowing Paul and I to work. Since I started working three years ago, we hired a personal care attendant (PCA) for Kurt. He is developmentally five years old, and has a seizure disorder, so we do not leave him alone.

Hiring a PCA has its good points and drawbacks. I can work outside the home, earn a little income that is beneficial to our family and helps me keep my sanity. On the other hand, Kurt begins to rely on her too much to do things he can normally do himself. And this goes against the grain because his dad and I want Kurt's self-care skills to grow.

Laurie is a woman in her late 40s, with adult children and grandchildren. She is patient and the pair get along great. Paul and I go to work, feeling secure that Kurt is being taken care of.

Sometimes, things happen, that push us into the next stage.

On Friday, Laurie said she needed to cut back due to health reasons. She'll be working on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, when Kurt is at home, but can no longer take Kurt the other two days when he goes to Community Homestead.

This has always been a problem with Community Homestead. Kurt needs a ride, 45 miles one-way, but doesn't need Laurie there. We did not want to cut Laurie's hours, because she always wanted full-time. Now if we can just figure out the ride....

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