Sunday, April 26, 2009


Girls were at our house last night. A blonde and a brunette, wearing slinky gowns. One didn't have shoes on; the other, hightops. Sixteen-year-old Kelly was decked out in a black tux, with a yellow vest and tie to match his date's dress. Kelly's friend Thomas arrived with his tux on, but going more casual without a tie and the shirt open at the neck. Prom night had arrived.

Sometimes I'm surprised at Kurt's reaction. While he is academically about five-years-old, his emotions, powered by hormones, are all teenager. I forgot that, until Kurt reminded me when he went ga-ga over the girls.

How does a five-year-old impress the girls? By bringing his toys out to show them! First came this huge alarm clock that Kurt had purchased at a garage sale last week. It is the size of a dinner plate. Kelly and the girls looked it over, kindly humoring Kurt and trying to get the alarm to ring. Then Kurt brought out a police car that makes noise and flashes lights. I decided to put a stop to it by catching him in the hall before he brought more out.

We went outside to take the couples' pictures by the red brick siding along the front entryway. Kurt grabbed his camera and followed, snapping photos. He's usually not this involved. In fact, he quite often stays in his room, ignoring visitors. But these were girls!

Kurt has not gone on a date or attended prom. But being attracted to the opposite sex is still there.

Watching him is bittersweet.

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