Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Saga Continues

Last week, I took our youngest son Kelly to Duluth, Minnesota so that he could register for fall classes at the University of Minnesota. We had a wonderful time, but in order to make the trip, I had to take Kurt to respite because we were going on Wednesday and my mom was out of town, and Paul was working.

As I explained in my previous post, the last time Kurt was there, he had taken a CD player. This time, Kurt carried the CD player in and had a hard time looking at Chris and an even more difficult time apologizing. Chris knew in advance what was going on and really came down hard on him.

I picked up Kurt a day later. He's never thrilled to go home because he loves to be there and considers them his friends.

"Tell her what you did," Chris said.

I stood just inside the door. Kurt looked at the wall, up at the ceiling and down at the floor while we waited. I tensed in anticipation.

"I didn't mean to put Nicci's IPOD in my suitcase," he said.

"No," Chris said, his arms crossed. "You did mean to do that. That's stealing."

We went back and forth, talking it over with Kurt. His shame was evident. He knows right from wrong, yet that goes out the window when he desires an object.

I haven't call the youth officer yet. I'm hoping that if Kurt hears from the police that what he is doing is illegal, that will make a big impression on Kurt. He respects police officers.

What stops me from picking up the phone and calling? I have a lot of excuses. I'll call tomorrow. I'm not sure when the officer should come over. Maybe this request is inappropriate. How do I explain to the officer that my son is stealing?

I think I feel as ashamed as Kurt does.

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