Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Another Day at the Farm

I got to Community Homestead early on Friday to take a walk and possibly some pictures. Here’s one of the grapes in the vineyard. All the vines were heavily loaded and I couldn’t believe the fragrance in the air. Each breath was like drinking juice. I could have spent the afternoon breathing.

After soaking in that pleasure, I traipsed down the hill to pick up Kurt at the garden. I found him in the bed of a pickup truck with Kaye, Oscar and Dustin and surrounded by just-harvested soybeans. Two more special needs adults, Mary and Scott, were sitting in chairs behind the truck. All of them were pulling the edamame pods off the plants.

I’m in awe each time I discover Kurt working! This is the young man who, most often, refuses to do his chores at home. And here he is, having fun with his friends, spending three entire days each week working! I talked to the crew for 10 minutes, as my son continued his task. I finally told him to finish the plant he was stripping and then we would go. Otherwise, I think he would still be working!

When I watch him at Community Homestead, I think of the patience they’ve had over the six years Kurt has been volunteering. He is a productive member of their community. He has gained so much in return – friends, self-esteem, and abilities.

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