Thursday, August 20, 2009


Kurt wore his hat. When he tilted his chin down, the brim hid his eyes from public view. He tried to suppress a grin and when that failed, covered his mouth with his hand. I still got a glimpse of the sparkle in his eyes.

Paul, Kurt’s brothers and I were seated two rows back from the stage at the Bridge Players performance “A Night at the Movies.” Kurt was in the back row on stage, dressed in a Ghostbusters t-shirt, with the familiar “no ghosts” symbol emblazoned on the front. Other members of the cast included a Dorothy, a cowardly lion, a boy in a white-disco-suit, Danny and Sandy from Grease, and a staffer playing Uncle Fester, to name a few.

Kurt attended rehearsals all summer when he met his friends at Bridge for Youth with Disabilities. He’s been talking about the performance for over a week, asking Keith and Kelly if they would attend, asking when he could wear his Ghostbusters shirt.

The performers signed to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” accompanied by Judy Garland played over the stereo system. They waved animal puppets to Dr. Dolittle’s “Talk to the Animals.” They waved scarves to “We Go Together” and discoed to “Stayin’ Alive.”

Everyone participated in each song, but each person was a central player in at least one number. Kurt’s was “Ghostbusters.” Several cast members, including Kurt, waved homemade ghosts on poles. At the end of the song, 3 ghostbusters came out and chased 3 ghosts around the audience. Kurt was one of the chasees. He loved it!

The players finished with a rap song that led them out into the foyer, where they shook hands and accepted congratulations from their families. We were to enter another room for refreshments and I asked Kurt if he was coming too. “No, I have a crowd,” he said, referring to the remaining audience to greet.

When he joined us for bars and lemonade, Kurt brought Jen, aka Dorothy, to meet his family. Kurt added, “I’m having a party!”

That's all I want. For Kurt to have opportunities like every one else. Thank you Bridge!

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