Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Next Step

I dropped the paperwork off last Wednesday so Kurt could begin attending the day services program at BRIDGE for Youth with Disabilities. The packet of paperwork was about an inch thick. Most of the questionnaire had to do with Kurt’s abilities, likes and dislikes. For example, I put pizza at the top of his favorite foods list. Some of my answers would be used to develop goals for Kurt, so he could make progress on social skills or telling time, for example.

We let Laurie go last week. She had been Kurt’s aide for four years, since I began working. Kurt was home with her three days a week and spent his other two days working at Community Homestead (CH). Laurie used to go to CH with him, but recently decided not to do that anymore. Her decision was the catalyst for change. Now was the time to help Kurt be less dependent on one person and more active in the community.

For the summer, Kurt’s younger brother, Kelly, will be helping Kurt and driving him to his activities. He’ll be working at Community Homestead three days a week and going twice a week to Bridge. This will give him more time with friends and allow him to be more active.

In six months or so, Kurt will go to CH four days a week, and then five some time next year. Eventually, when Kurt is ready, and CH has an opening, my son will leave home.

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